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The FSOC's Advertising Policy

Although anyone can send us an advert to be published in both the Club magazine or on this website, in this, the general classified advertisement area of the site, we only publish Ford side-valve powered vehicles for sale; other items: spares, books, manuals and "wants" are published in the Members-only area. The idea behind this policy is to provide further incentive to join the Club - we're keen that potential members can find a car to buy easily enough, but for anything else we'd rather you joined our happy band! It must also be noted that "Wanted" adverts from non-members will be posted at the Club's discretion only.

Place an advert

To get an advert published in the magazine and on this site, please fill out the On-line Advertising Form. Then use your "Back" button to return here.

Important advice to remember when responding to adverts

Please make sure you are entirely satisfied that the item you are buying is as described by the vendor - ask lots of questions and, if possible, make sure you inspect the item fully in person before parting with your hard-earned cash. Where necessary (in the case of an engine or gearbox for example) ask to remove the head, sump or other appropriate cover to confirm the part's condition. Unfortunately, the Ford Sidevalve Owners' Club cannot take any responsibility for items purchased from private inviduals through this website.

The club would also like to point out that the DVLA may refuse to register a vehicle which does not have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and/or engine number, and may ask the Police to inspect them. Buyers are also reminded that attempting to register a vehicle using registration details which do not relate to it will also be problematic.

Cars for Sale and Items Wanted

The adverts are presented with the most recent at the top of each group; the date of insertion appears in the body of the advert and, unless you tell us otherwise, the adverts will be removed after a couple of months or so.

Here's a list of all the classifieds adverts you'll find here; please click on area you'd like to focus on, or simply scan down the page to browse through them all:

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Pre-war - e.g. Ford Model Y, Ford Model C, Ford 7Y, Ford 7W, etc.

None for sale!

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Post-war Upright - e.g. Ford Anglia E494A, Ford Prefect E493A, Ford Popular 103E, etc.

1953 Ford Anglia E494A
Registered on 18/12/1953. V5C Document and original registration number/engine/chassis numbers. Non-runner. Complete car except for door glass/front head lights. For more information please e-mail or phone. Surrey.
Tel: Janis Brumwell on 07867 688539
Added: 7/11/2014

1954 Ford Popular 103E
Registered on 1/12/1954. V5C Document and original purchase invoice from Dagenham Motors Ltd. Original registration number/engine/chassis numbers. Non-runner, car and engine have been disassembled. Not a complete car but all major parts supplied. For more information please e-mail or phone. Surrey.
Tel: Janis Brumwell on 07867 688539
Added: 7/11/2014

1957 Ford Popular 103E
Has been in garage chocked up since coming off the road about 30 years ago. Original number plate and registration document. Towable but the car needs restoration. Please 'phone for more details. South Derbyshire. (Currently renewing membership)
Tel: John Robinson on 01332 863779 or 07778 856981
Added: 7/11/2014

1955 Ford popular 103E
It has had £8000 pounds spent on it up to now. Willing to sell for a sensible price - photos and receipts available. It has been restored to original specification. Yorkshire. (Non-member)
Tel: Ian Turner on 07774 613565
Added: 4/9/2014

E494A Anglia 1953 for sale or exchange
Immaculate body (restored). Green. Just completing engine re-build. Ready soon to sell or swap. I would like to exchange for a similar condition 100E or upright Pop with 1172 cc. Please email. Sussex. (Non-member)
Tel: M Welling on 01903 503023
Added: 4/7/2014

1959 Ford Popular 103E
Needs light restoration. Comes with spare block and box of random bits in the boot. Last ran a couple of years ago - with a new battery and the exhaust refitted it should run fine. I would say 98% complete. I have the current logbook. Needs roof insert and headlining replacing, some rot in gutters on roof and bottom of drivers B pillar. It has original number plate on it: 730 WBY. Wiltshire. (Non-member)
Tel: Daniel Elliott on 07745 660694
Added: 5/6/2014

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100E & 107E - e.g. Ford Anglia 100E, Ford Prefect 100E & 107E, Ford Popular 100E, Escort & Squire, etc.

1959 Ford 100E for sale
Four door. Lots of recent work, just need a few bits mechanically and a respray to make it a lovely car. Starts and drives. Call for details. £1500. Cheshire. (Non-member)
Tel: Steve or James on 07710 899985 or 07809 479160
Added: 9/10/2014

1960 100E popular for sale
One owner for the last 42 years but in need of some TLC. Garaged and currently on SORN. Some spares available. Leicestershire.
Tel: Mr Bown on 0116 2606081
Added: 13/8/2014

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Commercials - Ford E83W, Fordson, Ford 300E, etc.

Barn find Fordson E83W for sale
E83W 10 cwt panel van. Has been stored for 30 to 40 years but is complete and running. Offers please. (Non-member)
Tel: Kevin on 07710 814161
Added: 7/11/2014

1958 Ford Thames 300E for sale
Genuine reason for sale - I'm to big for it; I love her to bits and I get smiles where ever I go in her, but I find it really uncomfortable over long distances. In really good order - get in and drive home with no problems. South Wales.
Tel: David Langrish on 01656 744291
Added: 4/7/2014

1960 300E for sale
MoT and tax. One previous owner. 59,000 miles. Never welded! Thousands spent. Yellow. Very disheartened - have intermittent rattle! Drives beautifully. Best offer secures. Matching numbers. Far too much to list. Spares available with vehicle. Essex.
Tel: Mr Russell on 01702 230238
Added: 6/6/2014

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Specials - Ashley, Falcon, Tornado, Rochdale, and many others!

None for sale!

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Specialist Applications - anything not covered elsewhere!

None for sale!

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Wanted: Model Y
Tudor preferably, any condition considered. Cheshire. (Non-member)
Tel: Derek Griffiths on 01925 727050
Added: 7/11/2014

Wanted: 100E parts
I'm after an Anglia 100E stator tube with working indicator/horn switch assembly suitable for a 1959 model. Middlesbrough, Cleveland.
Tel: Colin Somerset on 01642 271146
Added: 9/10/2014

Wanted: Windscreen information for Falcon Mk3
HELP! With any information on what windscreen was used on the Ford Falcon Mk3 1172 Special. Engine running and fairly complete. Might sell? Car based in N.Ireland. Co. Antrim. (Non-member)
Tel: Martin Boyle on O28 276 64596 or 07801 241616 (M)
Added: 7/10/2014

Wanted: Aquaplane inlet manifold
Suitable for twin Solex carburettors to fit 100E. Part No. AP/900/SOL/K. East Sussex.
Tel: Colin Deans on 07715 354671
Added: 4/10/2014

Wanted: steel body for E83W
Any condition or dimensions to help fabricate one - thanks. Rossendale, Lancs.
Tel: Steve McKenna on 07885 433496
Added: 4/10/2014

Wanted for E83W
Chassis or offside chassis rail. Sussex. (Non-member)
Tel: Paul Brewer on 07970 808744
Added: 10/9/2014

Wanted: 100E project
Ford Popular 100E wanted to restore. Anything considered but must be complete if possible. West Sussex. (Non-member)
Tel: Julian Thwaites on 07826 851246
Added: 27/8/2014

Wanted: Ballamy wheels
I'm looking for a 15" Ballamy wheel. Willing to buy two as a spare would be handy. South West or Lancs.
Tel: Alan Mansell on 01752 408710
Added: 13/8/2014

10 Hp engine wanted
Running E493A type Ford side-valve engine wanted. London.
Tel: Pasquale Amico on 07939 380724
Added: 13/8/2014

Wanted: Prefect E93A or E493A
I'm after a Ford Prefect, the sit up and beg type. Must be black and in excellent condtion. Newry, County Down, Northern Ireland. (Non-member)
Tel: Thomas Mulholland on 02830 850084
Added: 13/8/2014

Wanted: Popular 103E project
I'm looking for a sit up and beg Pop for restoration. It will be kept original and not turned into a hot rod, so if anyone has one tucked away in the garage that they could part with, please get in touch! Northants. (Non-member)
Tel: Justin on 07793 201211
Added: 4/7/2014

Wanted: Upright brake drum
I need a front brake drum for a 1959 103E Popular. Kent.
Tel: John Isaacs on 01622 871924
Added: 4/7/2014

Wanted: Speedo cable drive for 100E
I need a 19 tooth speedo cable drive gear (red) to fit a 1958 Anglia 100E. Tewkesbury.
Tel: Maurice on 01684 295501
Added: 4/7/2014

Wanted: Upright Ford
Ford Popular 103E or Anglia E494a car wanted for spares to restore another. Anything considered. South Yorkshire.
Tel: Karl Richardson on 07966 371902
Added: 5/6/2014

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Spares for Sale & Sidevalve-related Miscellaneous Sales

Apologies, but these types of adverts are only listed in the Members-only section of the website and in our club's magazine Sidevalve News.

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Example of an advert with photos

We can also publish photos of your Sidevalve with your advert - here's an example of how it might appear:

19xx Ford Anglia 100E
Your advert could appear on this website totally free of charge with up to five photos around the car (front, rear, side, interior & engine for example). £0 ono.
Tel: Jimmy on 0181 XXX XXXX - after 4pm
Added: Oct 2008

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