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The FSOC's Advertising Policy

Although anyone can send us an advert to be published in both the Club magazine or on this website, in this, the general classified advertisement area of the site, we only publish Ford side-valve powered vehicles for sale; other items: spares, books, manuals and "wants" are published in the Members-only area. The idea behind this policy is to provide further incentive to join the Club - we're keen that potential members can find a car to buy easily enough, but for anything else we'd rather you joined our happy band! It must also be noted that "Wanted" adverts from non-members will be posted at the Club's discretion only.

Place an advert

To get an advert published in the magazine and on this site, please fill out the On-line Advertising Form. Then use your "Back" button to return here.

Important advice to remember when responding to adverts

Please make sure you are entirely satisfied that the item you are buying is as described by the vendor - ask lots of questions and, if possible, make sure you inspect the item fully in person before parting with your hard-earned cash. Where necessary (in the case of an engine or gearbox for example) ask to remove the head, sump or other appropriate cover to confirm the part's condition. Unfortunately, the Ford Sidevalve Owners' Club cannot take any responsibility for items purchased from private inviduals through this website.

The club would also like to point out that the DVLA may refuse to register a vehicle which does not have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and/or engine number, and may ask the Police to inspect them. Buyers are also reminded that attempting to register a vehicle using registration details which do not relate to it will also be problematic.

Cars for Sale and Items Wanted

The adverts are presented with the most recent at the top of each group; the date of insertion appears in the body of the advert and, unless you tell us otherwise, the adverts will be removed after a couple of months or so.

Here's a list of all the classifieds adverts you'll find here; please click on area you'd like to focus on, or simply scan down the page to browse through them all:

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Pre-war - e.g. Ford Model Y, Ford Model C, Ford 7Y, Ford 7W, etc.

1939 8 Hp Model 7Y
Barn find in 2001. 6,500 miles believed genuine. Good condition, drives well. Reg no VV 7537. £4995 ono. Hants.
Tel: Dave Ettridge on 07974 781908
Added: 10/1/2016

1937 Ford 7W 10 hp
Fully running and roadworthy. I also have boxes of spare parts. Southampton, Hampshire. (Non-member)
Tel: Kevin Redding on 07930 970774
Added: 9/9/2015

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Post-war Upright - e.g. Ford Anglia E494A, Ford Prefect E493A, Ford Popular 103E, etc.

1954 Ford Popular 103E
Red. Needs restoring. Kent. (Non-member)
Tel: Catherine O'Donovan on 01322 520244
Added: 2/11/2015

Ford Prefect E493A project for sale
I am a lonely E493A stuck in a garage because my owner could not manage me. I'm for sale as a whole or I have some lovely parts on offer. Please help me or he will send me to the scrapyard - no reasonable offer refused! Bedfordshire.
Tel: John Digby on 01525 375229
Added: 12/7/2015

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100E & 107E - e.g. Ford Anglia 100E, Ford Prefect 100E & 107E, Ford Popular 100E, Escort & Squire, etc.

1956 Ford Prefect
Covered just 54500 miles in english white history and paperwork to compliment a well cared for example. Hampshire.
Tel: Gary Pugh on 02380 668366
Added: 31/12/2015

1953 Ford Prefect for sale
Black. 90k miles - believed genuine. Last owner 35years. Good condition. Belcher shelled engine, panhard rod, complete new leather interior to Ford design include door panels, carpets, roof lining and outer roof panel. New window seals throughout. New tyres. Good chrome and the paint has a lovely patina. £4650 ono. Burnley, Lancashire.
Tel: Brian Nutter on 01282 437234
Added: 17/10/2015

1958 Anglia 100E for sale
31,000 miles. White. No rot or welding. Waxed. Original engine and interior. Poor paintwork. New axle seals, windscreen rubbers, hydraulic parts, wipers, gearbox mount, etc. Spare starter, ignition parts, brake shoes, belts and hoses. £2900. Surrey.
Tel: Mr Ruffle on 01293 784272
Added: 9/9/2015

1956 Ford Prefect for sale
Please call or email for details. Jersey. (Non-member)
Tel: Ralph on 07797 911309
Added: 3/8/2015

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Commercials - Ford E83W, Fordson, Ford 300E, etc.

None for sale!

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Specials - Ashley, Falcon, Tornado, Rochdale, and many others!

None for sale!

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Specialist Applications - anything not covered elsewhere!

None for sale!

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Wanted: Upright petrol tank
I need a petrol tank for my 103E Popular. Must be in excellent condition. Cheshire.
Tel: A. Chapman on 01270 812215
Added: 25/1/2016

Wanted: Front seat for Prefect E493A
I need the bench type, condition not important, but must have a good frame. Here in Holland I can not find one anywhere! The Netherlands.
Tel: Jan J.Borsten on 0031651199675 (GSM)
Added: 10/1/2016

Wanted: Super Two Hamblin Special
Sought by enthusiast. Any condition and location considered. North East. (Non-member)
Tel: Matt Moore on +44 7903 032778
Added: 10/1/2016

Wanted: Ford Prefect 100E
Must be complete. Sussex. (Non-member)
Tel: Julian on 07826 851246
Added: 31/12/2015

Wanted: Panel beater etc.
I have owned a 1956 E83W van for more than 30 years! I am a body panel beater and refinisher by trade but unfortunately I have never had the time to sort out my own vehicle. Now I am in to my sixties and I still don't have the time but more so the effort to put into the restoration. I am therefore looking for a good business/restoration company who could do this for me. It would mean a body off project with some parts finding to finish, 90% of the Van is complete. I can supply many many pictures as required to show current condition. I am based in Cheshire but willing to trailer to a good shop to carry out this restoration for me. Cheshire/Lancs.
Tel: Jeremy Dennison on 0161 449 9819
Added: 17/10/2015

Wanted: Door pull for 100E
Condition does not matter as it will be re-trimmed but does need to be complete. Cambridgeshire.
Tel: Keith Alcock on 07534 526215
Added: 17/10/2015

Wanted: 10Hp Upright engine
Looking for a 1946 Fordson E83W engine. Denmark. (Non-member)
Tel: Pedersen on 004528925338
Added: 17/10/2015

Wanted: 1957 100E Prefect parts
Bumper, jack, badges for front grille and boot handle, round red reflectors for rear light units, stop/tail lens (13450B) and front door handles.
Tel: Robin Howells on 01299 823584 (please call after 7pm)
Added: 9/9/2015

Wanted: Rear seat for 100E Popular
I need a pale blue rear seat back (the upright part) for my Ambassador Blue 1961 100E Popular. I will purchase the whole seat if necessary. Must be in reasonable condition. Welshpool.
Tel: Mike Steadman on 01983 820190
Added: 9/9/2015

Wanted: Steering gear for Upright
I need the steering Gear for a 1949 Anglia (part no. 3505,etc). I would also be very thankful for any hints on where to have the original part repaired (it has too much float in the box). We live in Germany but naturally I am looking for an address in England.
Hamburg, Germany.
Tel: Brenda and Stefan Maass on (+49) 40 7383163
Added: 9/9/2015

Wanted: Ford Upright project!
I'm looking for a Ford Popular, Anglia or Fordson van project. I will consider anything and a runner would be good but not important. Hertfordshire.
Tel: John Gumble on 07794 799505
Added: 9/9/2015

Wanted: Upright hubcaps and wheels
Plain stainless steel centred hubcaps in very good condition or possible knowledge of replacement with new ss centres? I'm also after a set of E93A/E493A Prefect wheels in very good condition, capable of being sandblasted without leaving pits. Gloucester,Hereford and Worcestershire.
Tel: John Pole on 01684 564829
Added: 3/8/2015

Wanted: Mint Sidevalve!
I am looking for a Ford Prefect, Anglia or Popular - Upright or 100E/107E, or 300E. Must be in superb condition. Worcestershire.
Tel: Richard Southall on 01684 561383 or 07769 793658
Added: 3/8/2015

Wanted: Parts for E494A
I need the following for my 1953 Anglia E494A:
Front seat (driver's side) - sliding fitting.
Rear light fitting, I need the plate and rubber (I have the lens).
Pair of sun visors (at a push one would do).
Tel: K. Meades on 01246 826180
Added: 3/8/2015

Wanted: Upright cooling fan
I am restoring a 1944 Thompson 3 wheeler fuel bowser with Ford 93a engine for South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum. I am trying to find a cooling fan for this engine. Can anyone help? Doncaster. (Non-member)
Tel: Phil Taylor on 07535 007293
Added: 17/7/2015

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Spares for Sale & Sidevalve-related Miscellaneous Sales

Apologies, but these types of adverts are only listed in the Members-only section of the website and in our club's magazine Sidevalve News.

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Example of an advert with photos

We can also publish photos of your Sidevalve with your advert - here's an example of how it might appear:

19xx Ford Anglia 100E
Your advert could appear on this website totally free of charge with up to five photos around the car (front, rear, side, interior & engine for example). £0 ono.
Tel: Jimmy on 0181 XXX XXXX - after 4pm
Added: Oct 2008

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