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The FSOC's Advertising Policy

Although anyone can send us an advert to be published in both the Club magazine or on this website, in this, the general classified advertisement area of the site, we only publish Ford side-valve powered vehicles for sale; other items: spares, books, manuals and "wants" are published in the Members-only area. The idea behind this policy is to provide further incentive to join the Club - we're keen that potential members can find a car to buy easily enough, but for anything else we'd rather you joined our happy band! It must also be noted that "Wanted" adverts from non-members will be posted at the Club's discretion only.

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To get an advert published in the magazine and on this site, please fill out the On-line Advertising Form. Then use your "Back" button to return here.

Important advice to remember when responding to adverts

Please make sure you are entirely satisfied that the item you are buying is as described by the vendor - ask lots of questions and, if possible, make sure you inspect the item fully in person before parting with your hard-earned cash. Where necessary (in the case of an engine or gearbox for example) ask to remove the head, sump or other appropriate cover to confirm the part's condition. Unfortunately, the Ford Sidevalve Owners' Club cannot take any responsibility for items purchased from private inviduals through this website.

The club would also like to point out that the DVLA may refuse to register a vehicle which does not have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and/or engine number, and may ask the Police to inspect them. Buyers are also reminded that attempting to register a vehicle using registration details which do not relate to it will also be problematic.

Cars for Sale and Items Wanted

The adverts are presented with the most recent at the top of each group; the date of insertion appears in the body of the advert and, unless you tell us otherwise, the adverts will be removed after a couple of months or so.

Here's a list of all the classifieds adverts you'll find here; please click on area you'd like to focus on, or simply scan down the page to browse through them all:

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Pre-war - e.g. Ford Model Y, Ford Model C, Ford 7Y, Ford 7W, etc.

1938 Ford 8 for restoration
One registered keeper from new. Just out of long term storage. Old green log book and newer V5 here. A rare find. I can email pics to interested buyers. I have a contact for a classic enthusiast who transports cars cheaply with care. £2250 ono. Glasgow. (Non-member)
Tel: Robert Peart on 0141 224 5038 or 07931 724721
Added: 6/2/2014

1939 Ford 8 7Y Deluxe
88,000 miles, black in colour. This car has been dry stored for over twenty years and is complete but requires restoration. Age related registration. £995 ono. South Wales. (Non-member)
Tel: Bill Rudd on 07952 875666
Added: 24/1/2014

1935 Ford Model C
Four door for restoration. Body stripped for painting. Car and all its parts dry stored. Rare model. Ideal project. Can email photos. £2250 ono. South Scotland.
Tel: Tom Laird on 01556 670278
Added: 26/10/2013

1950 Ford Prefect
A unique Prefect with only a total of 22.000 miles since new. See my homepage here! France and Sweden.
Tel: Sven Larsson on 0033-4-93585904
Added: 9/10/2013

Ford 7W
Black with red leather interior. I am looking for a good home due to my recent redundancy. I am the third owner from new. It is still a six volt dynamo and all original. Leicestershire. (Non-member)
Tel: Andy Morgan on 07543 096250
Added: 28/9/2013

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Post-war Upright - e.g. Ford Anglia E494A, Ford Prefect E493A, Ford Popular 103E, etc.

None for sale!

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100E & 107E - e.g. Ford Anglia 100E, Ford Prefect 100E & 107E, Ford Popular 100E, Escort & Squire, etc.

1961 Ford Popular
Ambassador Blue. Re-trimmed interior in excellent condition. New engine fully serviced. £2350. Lancashire.
Tel: Dave Rothwell on 01704 211908 or 07860 266949
Added: 9/10/2013

1956 Thames 300E Van Conversion
Professionaly converted in 1957 to Escort specification. Restored over last two and a half years in a bodyshop. Totally re-trimmed and absolutely beautiful throughout. Probably the only existing one of its kind still around. Offers around £6000. Kent
Tel: Geoff Baptie on 07743 779918
Added: 9/10/2013

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Commercials - Ford E83W, Fordson, Ford 300E, etc.

1958 300E Van
Owned for 25 years and rarely used. It was painted about 18 years ago and still looks good with one or two areas that could be improved. Good solid honest old van - totally original with very low mileage. Looking for £4000 for it. Email for pictures, thanks. Central Scotland. (Non-member)
Tel: David Bryce on 07932 396569
Added: 11/11/2013

1953 E494C 5 cwt van for sale
Very good condition (chassis up restoration). £9000. West Sussex.
Tel: Iver Tanner on 01403 753131
Added: 9/10/2013

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Specials - Ashley, Falcon, Tornado, Rochdale, and many others!

None for sale!

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Specialist Applications - anything not covered elsewhere!

None for sale!

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Wanted: Door for E493A Prefect
I need a good straight rear offside drivers door for a 49-53 upright E493A Prefect. I have all the window and door locking gear. South Essex.
Tel: Dave Frost on 01268 750400
Added: 28/3/2014

Wanted: Ford Popular 103E Ute
I'm looking to purchase a 103E Ute (Utility, pick-up). I will pay a finder's fee. USA. (Non-member)
Tel: Eric on 480 363 8728
Added: 28/3/2014

Wanted: Upright Ford
Prefer Popular or Anglia, but will consider anything. Must be in good condition and on the road. Sussex. (Non-member)
Tel: Mark Welling on 01903 503023
Added: 28/3/2014

Wanted: Various 100E trim items
I'm after four overiders and an outside sunvisor for my 1958 Anglia Deluxe 100E. Tewkesbury.
Tel: Maurice Wilby on 01684 295501
Added: 24/1/2014

Wanted: Various E83W Parts
Most body panels required in fair usable condition to restore 1949 E83W van including all upper & lower body sides, both front wings, front grille panel, bonnet, rear doors, along with headlamps & rims. East Sussex.
Tel: Tony Duffield on 07968 764671 or 01323 441162
Added: 31/12/2013

Wanted: E493A Parts
E493A interior light, back driver side quater light bakelite, front windscreen passenger side bakelite, front and rear bumpers in good condition please. London.
Tel: Pasquale Amico on 07939 380724
Added: 31/12/2013

Wanted: Stainless steel bonnet side trim
I'm after a pair of stainless steel bonnet side pieces, as fitted to the 7Y Deluxe and E494A Anglia bonnets. I am willing to travel to collect - thanks. Lancashire.
Tel: Brian Nutter on 01282 437234
Added: 31/12/2013

Wanted: Oil bath filter for E493A
I'm looking for an oil bath air cleaner for my 1950 E493A. Whilst I know they were not a standard item, I have been informed that they were fitted to export models. Does anyone out there have such a beast? Many thanks for reading, Bernie. Kent.
Tel: Bernard Hull on 01622 203792
Added: 11/11/2013

Wanted: Pre-war 10HP cylinder head
Pre-war type required, i.e. with hole for dynamo with single peg mounting. Willing to travel anywhere!
Tel: Brian Nutter 01282 437234
Added: 26/10/2013

Wanted: 103E body parts
Required for a crashed pickup: front half of roof, screen pillars and scuttle, or old 103E bodyshell (or similar).
Also two seats. Any help please contact me. South West.
Tel: Alan Gross on 07815 748763
Added: 9/10/2013

Wanted: Parts for 1949 E493A Prefect
Eric, my 1949 E493 Prefect desperately needs an oil bath air filter and a starting handle. If you know of the whereabouts of such items, do please let me know! Eric would be thrilled to be complete once again. Oh, and a rear driver's side window glass. The one behind the door... Many thanks. Brighton.
Tel: Bob Walker on 01273 417988
Added: 9/10/2013

Wanted: Upright Sidevalve
Pre- or post-war Upright in roadworthy or close to roadworthy condition wanted. My budget is up to £2500 so I'm not expecting a show winning car, just something on the road I can do a rolling restoration on. Norfolk. (Non-member)
Tel: Adam on 07812 158568
Added: 9/10/2013

Wanted: Seats for an E83W
I am looking for a pair of seats that I can use for my E83W. Perhaps something from an Upright that I can adapt. I don't mind if they need recovering or other work. Cambridgeshire.
Tel: Roger Newark on 01354 741099
Added: 9/10/2013

Wanted: Ford E83W
Must be in good condition. Willing to travel and pay good price. Bury St. Edmunds. Suffolk. (Non-member)
Tel: Robin Shackleton on 01359 259386
Added: 9/10/2013

Wanted: Pre-war 8hp engine
Pre-war 8hp engine or just engine block wanted. Short piston/valve type. Preferably double water outlet type. I will need to get it re-bored. My block has a fatal crack. North Wales.
Tel: Peter Tinsley on 07880 763871
Added: 9/10/2013

Wanted: Engine parts for 10 Hp engine
I'm restoring my 1953 103E Ford Popular and I'm in need of: a set of 4 pistons (with rings), a set of 4 connecting rods and a set of main bearings. South Suffolk.
Tel: Kevin Watts on 01842 862445
Added: 9/10/2013

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Spares for Sale & Sidevalve-related Miscellaneous Sales

Apologies, but these types of adverts are only listed in the Members-only section of the website and in our club's magazine Sidevalve News.

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Example of an advert with photos

We can also publish photos of your Sidevalve with your advert - here's an example of how it might appear:

19xx Ford Anglia 100E
Your advert could appear on this website totally free of charge with up to five photos around the car (front, rear, side, interior & engine for example). £0 ono.
Tel: Jimmy on 0181 XXX XXXX - after 4pm
Added: Oct 2008

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