Ford Sidevalve Owners' Club Events

Line-up of Ford Sidevalves at the 2007 AGM

What sort of events are we talking about?

This is a list of all the events known to us here at the FSOC. Of course, these are events mostly suited to Ford side-valve vehicles, or enthusiasts of Ford in general. The intention is that the content here closely follows that published in every issue of the Club's magazine "Sidevalve News" but this list may be a little more up-to-date and accommodate last-minute additions, alterations and deletions - how many times have you looked forward to attending a show and turned up with your thermos and pork pies only to find it had been cancelled the previous week?

Having said all that, for most of the events listed contact details are given which may be those for a Club official or a third party event organiser.

If you know of an Event appropriate to members of the FSOC, please send details to the club's Events Co-ordinator - refer to the Contacts page for details.

Please make every effort to support as many of these events as you can, they really are the "public face" of both the cars and even more so, the FSOC. Who knows, we may be able to sign up a few more members too!