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How to become a member of the FSOC

Simple really, use the table given below to work out much you have to pay, download and print the form (a link is also given below), fill out and post it with your full remittance to the Membership Secretary (whose address is given both on the form and on our "Contacts" page.

Please remember too, that to make things even easier, you can now pay by either Direct Debit or a Credit Card, as well as the usual personal cheque - full details of payment is given on the form.

The FSOC regrets that it is currently unable to accept online enrolment in the club - this situation is reviewed on a regular basis, so watch this space!

How little do I have to pay?

Good question and it really depends on two things: where you live and when you join.

Understandably, membership is cheapest of all for residents of the UK, closely followed by the rest of Europe.

Given the spares situation in North American countries and the fact that our insurers won't allow us to sell spares to members in the USA or Canada, we reduce the price of the subscription to match that of Europe (where we have to charge more than the UK because of the increased postage rates for the magazine). Check out the Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.

Unfortunately it's the members in the rest of the world who must pay the most, but I think you'll agree the cost of a subscription to the FSOC still presents jolly good value.

You'll notice too that unlike a lot of clubs who charge for a full year's membership regardless of when in the year you join, we allow both 6 and 15 months' membership as well as the more usual full year - this is both a fairer system and, in the case of the half-year scheme, allows you to spread the cost and try us out!

UK Annual Subscription (12 months, Jan-Dec)


UK Subscription (6 months, Jul-Dec)


UK Subscription (15 months, Oct-Dec following year)


European Annual Subscription (12 months, Jan –Dec)


European (6 months, Jul-Dec)


European (15 months, Oct-Dec following year)


Rest of the World Annual Subscription (12 months, Jan-Dec)


Rest of the World Subscription (6 months, Jul-Dec)


Rest of the World Subscription (15 months, Oct-Dec following year)


Family Membership Supplement (per additional person)


The subscriptions rates above are all in Sterling and have been reduced by the joining fee which, by being waived, makes membership of this club even more affordable!

The "Family Membership Supplement" entitles other members of family to Club benefits but not to additional copies of the magazines or other literature.

Membership Form

Download the current Membership Form.

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