Sidevalve News

The award-winning magazine for
Ford side-valve powered vehicles

The Club magazine - "Sidevalve News" - is distributed free every other month to Club members. Regrettably the magazine is not available to non-members, but just to get a taste of what it's like, a recent front cover and inside page (from one of the Merseyside regional reports in actual fact), are reproduced here.

Positively bristling with loads of photographs and meaty articles, the magazine contains technical articles, members' cars, regional group reports, advertisements for Ford Sidevalve-related parts and vehicles, details and news of Club spares, a letters page, reports from our Registrars, Club officials' contact details, official notices, forthcoming events, and much, much, more!

Now nearly forty pages in length, "Sidevalve News" is proper magazine size and not the more usual leaflet-size affair that some clubs make do with. Although mainly black-and-white on grounds of cost, we do make every effort to put out at least two issues with a full-colour cover (inside and out), as well as a centre-spread!

Rest assured, it's always a right riveting read!

Front cover of Sidevalve News
Example page of Sidevalve News