We are a traditional classic car owners club for owners of small Ford sidevalves built between 1932 and 1962.


We cover a vast range of vehicles from the early Ford Model Y saloons, right through to the 107E Ford Prefect (with the OHV engine from the 105E Anglia) including all vans, commercials and specials based upon the ubiquitous four cylinder side-valve engine.


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Film Star Wanted (100e, of course!)

November 09, 2020

100E needed for TV documentary: A British film company is working on the second series of 'Tony Robinson's History of Britain'.  As part of the show they are exploring different periods in history and one era they are looking at is the 1950s.  Specifically, they are interested in a story of a man that worked in the Ford assembly line in the Dagenham factory during that time.  As part of telling that particular story, they would like to film Tony Robinson with a 1950s car as he explains how the different parts were assembled. So the filming would take place in the club stores at Abingdon where the spares parts are easily available.  Only the owner of the car would drive during filming.  I am looking into travel costs.  Timescale: filming will take place between 9th Nov and 4th Dec - more details in due course.  If any of you have a 100E and would like to be involved then please email me.


January 01, 2020

Stunning photos from the last year.   

To order go to Member Services / Online Store / Merchandise

High resolution photos from 2021 will be welcomed for our 2022 calendar - get clicking! 


November 13, 2020


Show Postponed due to Covid 19.  More details on their website  

Old Ford Rally 2020 update

August 22, 2020

OLD FORD RALLY 2020 update

“23rd. August is set for the OFR .... Government being willing of course. BMM are taking bookings to invite old Ford entrants. We can therefore offer club stand / areas as appropriate. We will probably locate clubs in usual places.


Further details for FSOC members click here




Covid-19 FSOC Events update

March 24, 2020

The UK Government advised amongst other things the cancellation of all public events in response to the coronavirus crisis. On that basis, we are not listing any events scheduled before May 31.


However, we cannot yet say if any events after this date will be permitted to go ahead either. Therefore check with the organisers before going to ANY event.

Your Regional Contact may be able to update you as time goes on, meanwhile we are in unknown territory - maybe we will be reverting to the original 'horse power'. 


April 03, 2019

Get involved with our friendly club in this wonderful way.    Our previous Club Secretary's jobs have mainly been divided up between Committee Members, however central remaining tasks  include: 

  • Preparation of Agendas

  • Take & distribute Minutes

  • Be the FSOC main point of contact. 

  • If you would like more details or to chat about this important post please contact John Porter, Email SV1172@aol.com​

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