Welcome to the On-Line FSOC Membership Centre

We accept PayPal and all popular Credit and Debit Cards

Joining FSOC or renewing your membership is a TWO STEP Process. Firstly we'd like you to register your vehicle(s) with us. This won't take more than 5 minutes per vehicle (As long as you have your engine and chassis number to hand). Please go ahead and click the 'Register' button now. To save time, if you have multiple vehicles, you can always just register one and then come back and register the others when time permits.



and once you have completed the Vehicle Registration Form come back here to select your membership category, from the options below,

to complete the joining process.


Note: We use the PayPal Secure Payments System to process your order, but don't worry if you don't have a PayPal Account. During the payment process you will be asked to 'Sign into PayPal' but if you don't have a PayPal Account you may continue instead to the PayPal Secure Card Payment Screen


To  confirm your membership just click on the type of membership required. 
Note that you do NOT need to own a Sidevalve to be an FSOC Member. Just select "No Sidevalve Yet!" on the various drop-down lists below. (And start searching for your Sidevalve ;-) ) 
Please also complete the box on the right for each additional family member (£1.50 each).   Once completed your welcome email should arrive in a few days and your membership card and magazine in the post (to the address associated with your Payment Method) within the next 7-10 working days.