We are a traditional classic car owners club for owners of small Ford sidevalves built between 1932 and 1962.


We cover a vast range of vehicles from the early Ford Model Y saloons, right through to the 107E Ford Prefect (with the OHV engine from the 105E Anglia) including all vans, commercials and specials based upon the ubiquitous four cylinder side-valve engine.


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Mark Hickling E493A Prefect
Mark Hickling E493A Prefect
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Summer 2022

Old Ford Rally

10am, Sunday 17 July

Gaydon, CV35 0BJ


NEC Restoration Show March 2022 cut.png


NEC  18-20 March 2022

Practical Classics

Classic Car & Restoration Show

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FBHVC clarification on E10 fuel usage and labelling for historic vehicles.

Details also in Members area.



A celebration of all things Ford at the British Motor Museum, the best place to see a great variety of pre-1995 Ford vehicles.

Visitor Tickets - £14.50 per adult with children/family concessions includes entry to Museum.

Vehicle Exhibitors - £9 for driver & passenger includes Museum.  Entries close Sun 11 July 21.

Camping in Museum grounds  –  £10 pp pn booking in advance (saving 1/3rd) available from evening of Sat 17th July.  Book with show entry tickets.

Booking and full details on this link:   EVENTBRITE


FSOC still needs a Secretary ! 

Get involved with our friendly club in this wonderful way.    Our previous Club Secretary's jobs have mainly been divided up between Committee Members, however central remaining tasks  include: 

  • Preparation of Agendas

  • Take & distribute Minutes

  • Be the FSOC main point of contact. 

If you would like more details or to chat about this important post please contact John Porter, (see Contacts)


Old Ford Rally, Gaydon, August 2020

Old Ford Rally at the British Motor Museum, Gaydon. Despite the postponement to August 23rd the rally was well attended with all manner of Fords. The FSOC area had the usual culprits attending so it was good to catch since last November's NEC show. I didn't count up actual number of sidevalves but we filled the space available plus a few others here and there. We were graced with no less than three local Bucklers.

A tight fit!.jpg

Over the Newport Transporter Bridge

In mid September an intrepid group with seven cars set off from Bristol to visit the Newport Transporter Bridge, built in 1906.   Accommodating staff gave a tour of the engine house and walk up one tower and happily despite the height all returned unscathed! All seven cars squeezed onto the gondola in one load (which accommodates only 4 modern cars).  More details in October Sidevalve News. 

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