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Post War Cars

E04A Anglia (1939-1948)

The original Ford Anglia. Derived from the 7Y and went on to form the basis of the E494A and 103E Popular. Fitted with the 8hp engine.

E494A Anglia (1948-1953)

Heavily based on its predecessor the E04A Anglia, the E494A had the same basic body shell with a sloping grille, not unlike the pre-war Ten. Not as rare as the E04A.

E493A Prefect (1948-1953)

Naturally very similar to its pre-war predecessor the E93A, this model had headlamps built into         its front wings, rather than bolted to the top of them.

Mainly four-door although two-door and pick-ups  were available in other countries.

103E Popular (1953-1959)

Probably the best-known side-valve Ford of the lot! The Popular was based on the E494A Anglia but presented in an even more basic form and, like its ancestor the Model Y, was for a time the cheapest car on sale.

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