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The Ford Sidevalve Owners' Club (the 'FSOC') caters for over 20 different basic models of small Ford cars produced primarily in the UK between 1932 and 1962, and powered by the 8hp, 10hp or the later 100E 4-cylinder Ford side-valve engine.


The early "Upright" cars range from the pre-war Ford Model Y, Ford Model C/CX, Ford 7Y, Ford 7W, Ford Anglia E04A and Ford Prefect E93A, and then the post-war Ford Anglia E494A, Ford Prefect E493A and probably the most well-known of the lot, the Ford Popular 103E - plus various convertible and commercial derivatives (including Fordson) of course.


Into the fifties and the models covered include the all-metal bodied 100E range; the Ford Anglia 100E, Ford Prefect 100E, Ford Popular 100E, plus the overhead-valve engined Ford Prefect 107E - and don't forget their estate and commercial derivatives of course; Ford Thames 300E, Ford E83W, Ford Escort, Ford Squire, and so on.


In addition the club also covers "Specials",  "Modified" and so-called "Special Applications". The Specials' group includes those often one-off or limited run fibreglass vehicles produced in their greatest numbers during the fifties and early sixties, for example Ashley, Falcon, Tornado, Rochdale, to name just a few. The Modified group covers the more recent trend of retro fitting modern engines and running gear under the skin of a traditional side-valve body/chassis making them more useable in modern traffic. The category of Special Applications wraps up virtually any other type of vehicle powered by the little Ford flat-head and includes tractors, boats, rollers, a few aeroplanes and really anything else you can think of.


We are very much a social club with a large existing network of Regional Organisers who provide a local point of contact, arrange regular monthly meetings, and during the season organise attendance at local Classic events and exhibitions. If you love old Fords then this is the club for you!


To sum up, the FSOC has a wide brief within the classic vehicle movement, welcoming anything having either the 8hp, 10hp or the later 100E 4-cylinder Ford side-valve engine as well as those side-valve bodied vehicles now updated by the integration of uprated engines and/or running gear. We really are the club for all things Ford side-valve.


This site contains details of the vehicles the FSOC covers, along with information about the Club, and much, much, more!

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