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Period Specials & Sports Cars

During the 50's and 60s' the Ford Sidevalve engine was seen as one of the most desirable units upon which to base the development of a 'Special'. Many enthusiasts took the basic Ford engine and chassis and fashioned home made bodies.


Main stream sports car manufactures such as Morgan, Dellow, Ginetta, Buckler, Paramount, Lotus, Canon used Ford Sidevalve mechanical components, Ford components were chosen as they were reliable and economical.  The number of vehicles produced by these manufactures is quite low compared to the amount of cars produced by Ford, but the survival rate is incredibly high.


The Ford 10 has always been one of the most popular cars to base a Special Sports Cars on usually with an aluminium body. In the 1950s a new material ‘Fibre-glass’ was available, many small companies produced Fibre-glass body shells specifically for the Ford 10 chassis and mechanics. For more details see:


There are simply too many examples to cover on this site, but we hope the slide show below will give you a 'taste' of these amazing cars.

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