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About the Ford Sidevalve Owners' Club


What's the background of the Club?

Formed in 1969 initially specifically for owners of the Ford Anglia 100E, Ford Prefect 100E and the Ford Popular 100E, the Ford Sidevalve Owners' Club - the "FSOC" - soon expanded to include all small side-valves dating back to 1932, including Ford Model Y, Ford Model C, 7Y & 7W, the later "Upright" models (E93A, E493A, E494A, 103E, etc.) and the 107E OHV-engined Prefect.


The club also caters for the many other sidevalve-related vehicles: commercials (Ford 300E, Ford E83W, etc.), the various tourers and convertibles, Ford Specials, and basically any other Specialist Application for the four cylinder, sidevalve, Ford range of engines.


Today the FSOC boasts around 1200 members worldwide. It is a non-profit making, mutual trading organisation run by unpaid volunteers.


What are the benefits of joining the Club?

The benefits of becoming a member of the FSOC include:


  • Award-winning bi-monthly magazine


  • Social, new like-minded friends, regular regional club nights, display stands at all the best shows in the season


  • Spares service - housed in the Club's own storage facility in the heart of England, turning over several thousand items per year and regularly increasing its tally of remanufacturing projects


  • Club regalia - manuals, books, clothing, and so on


  • Technical advice and guidance


  • Shared advice and experience, courtesy of our registrars and membership base, covering Pre-War, Post-War 'Upright', E83W, 100E, 107E and Specials models. The Registrars can also help members with model history queries, advise on the correct period details for restoration projects and the re-registration of Ford side-valves (UK only)


  • Club events - both at a local level and further afield, including the National Sidevalve Day, NEC appearances and the AGM


  • Archive service - an on-going task to record, document and maintain any Ford side-valve related information and now comprises a well-stocked library of literature, photographs, and so on.


  • Event insurance for official club stands at shows



The social side also plays an important role within the Club and there are a number of Regional Groups throughout the United Kingdom and certain countries in the rest of the world (North America, Europe and Australasia) offering mutual support with restoration projects as well as regular friendly get-togethers, not to mention attendance at the various local classic car shows and other events. At a national level the Club holds an AGM and the National Sidevalve Day.

For details of all the Regional Groups and their contact details, please refer to the Regional Groups page.



The FSOC, which is run by a committee of volunteers, is a registered company with independently audited accounts, and prides itself on sensible and prudent management.


Any other questions?

If you have any specific questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page and download the Club Flyer.


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