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Joining FSOC: New Memberships

Joining FSOC is a TWO STEP Process. Firstly we'd like you to register your vehicle(s) with us. This won't take more than 5 minutes per vehicle (As long as you have your engine and chassis number to hand). Please go ahead and click the 'Register your vehicle' button now. To save time, if you have multiple vehicles, you can register one immediately and return here to register the others when time permits.

Once you have completed the Vehicle Registration Form come back here and select/click-on new membership button below to complete the joining process.  If you prefer to make a paper application, please download and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

The prices for UK and non-UK members are different as they reflect the different postage costs.
Our membership runs to the end of the calendar year. Those joining between December and June will pay for twelve months membership receiving all six of our magazines which are published every other month (even numbers months). Those joining from July to September will get six months membership and four magazines. Those joining in October and November will get fifteen months membership until the end of the following year and eight magazines.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO OWN A SIDEVALVE TO BE AN FSOC MEMBER.  Just select "No Sidevalve Yet!" on the various drop-down lists below.   (Then start searching for a Sidevalve in our classifieds! )
During online purchase process, you will be offered an option to add additional family members to your purchase. These are charged at £1.50 each for all geographic locations.   
Family Member is a person living at the same address, or an immediate family member (as child/parent/spouse).
Once completed your welcome email should arrive in a few days and your membership card and magazine in the post (To the address associated with your Payment Method) within the next 7-10 working days.
We accept PayPal and all popular Credit and Debit Cards.
Note: We use the PayPal Secure Payments System to process your order, but you don't need to have a PayPal Account to pay by credit card.
If you click on the Cheque button you will be taken to page where you can enter your details, print the page and send to the Membership Secretary with your cheque.


However, if you experience problems paying (this happens with some iPhones for non-PayPal users) please contact the Membership Secretary, Joe Wheatley
Email: Tel: Tel: 07831 622 075

Download and print for paper applications.  Post to membership address on the form.
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