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Pre-war cars

Model Y (1932-1937)

First true Ford for Europe and went on to become Britains's first £100 car. Two- and four-door saloons available, as well as commercials and tourers.

Model C & CX (1934-1937)

10 hp Ford saloon available in both saloon and tourer forms. The first outing for the 1172cc Ford side-valve engine.

7W Saloon (1937-1938)

Similar to the 7Y but slightly larger and fitted with the 10hp side-valve from the C & CX. Notice the very distinctive three-slat grille. Not made in huge numbers and now very rare.

7Y Saloon (1937-1939)

Essentially a slightly updated version of the Model Y and naturally powered by the same 8hp side-valve engine.

E93A Prefect (1939-1949)

Derived from the 7W and with the same 10hp motor. Available in tourer, two- and four-door saloons as well as a drophead coupe. Production continued after the war with the E493A.

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