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This is our comprehensive spares list.   

Spares are only available for club members to purchase

(see Member Services tab above)

What spares are available?

The FSOC prides itself on having an excellent spares scheme for all the vehicles catered for by the club. In our purpose-built premises in Abingdon, England, we stock new parts, some of which are "NOS" (New, Old Stock) and the rest have been re manufactured, or, after much careful research by our dedicated technical team, sourced from another vehicle - it's amazing just how many parts are actually totally interchangeable between certain makes and models with little or no loss in either appearance or originality.


The Club stores is also home to a good supply of carefully stored second-hand parts such as the large mechanical items like engines, axles and gearboxes, and trim parts and body panels. It is not practicable for us to list all these parts, but you can send our Spares Secretary ( an enquiry for availability and price and so on; such larger items (indeed, any item) can be collected by prior arrangement from the stores.


Our spares fall into two main, model-related categories, Upright and 100E derivatives. We also stock items of merchandise - the essential factory workshop manuals and manufacturer's parts lists, key rings, grill badges and so on which are available through Spares ordering.  Our wearable/FSOC utility items (badged with our logo) are available to members only through our online store in Member Services but you can see our current range by clicking here.   Wearable items are a non-profit facility chosen for practicality and club unity.


Who can buy spares?

FSOC spares and club regalia are only available to current club members but non members can see what is available from the pdf document  above.  A proportion of club membership fees contribute towards manufacturing and purchase of stock and as a consequence we have decided to restrict sales to those members who help make them available. Most members feel that the pricing and quality of FSOC spares justifies the membership fee each year.

How do I buy spares?

A full spares list with current pricing is printed in each issue of the club "Sidevalve" magazine, together with an order form and payment details.   The current spares list and order form are also available in the Member Services tab above.


The club is currently investigating online purchase and payments methods.   Non members may purchase items when they join the club (see Membership Online above).  




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