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Adverts submitted here will go online as soon as possible after moderation. Adverts will be removed after approximately 2 months.  Items below are listed with the most recent at the top of the list.  Please notify the Webmaster (contacts page) if the advert is no longer required (sold or obtained). 

The FSOC's Advertising Policy

Although anyone can send us an advert to be published in both the Club magazine or on this website, in this, the general classified advertisement area of the site, we only publish complete cars for sale or wanted here; other items: spares, books, manuals and "wants" are published in the Members-only area. We are keen that potential members can find a car to buy easily enough, but for anything else we'd rather you joined our happy band! It must also be noted that "Wanted" adverts from non-members will be posted at the Club's discretion only.


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Important advice to remember when responding to adverts

Please make sure you are entirely satisfied that the item you are buying is as described by the vendor - ask lots of questions and, if possible, make sure you inspect the item fully in person before parting with your hard-ea0033 686 rned cash. Where necessary (in the case of an engine or gearbox for example) ask to remove the head, sump or other appropriate cover to confirm the part's condition. The Ford Sidevalve Owners' Club cannot take any responsibility for items purchased from private individuals through this website or the Sidevalve News.


The club would also like to point out that the DVLA may refuse to register a vehicle which does not have a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and/or engine number, and may ask the Police to inspect them. Buyers are also reminded that attempting to register a vehicle using registration details which do not relate to it will also be problematic.


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Vehicles Wanted 

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16th November 2019:  I am looking for a 10HP, car/van/truck, anything considered as long as it is roadworthy, not worried about cosmetics or small improvements that may be need sorting out. I am in Lincolnshire.  Please contact Paul Nicholson, Tel: 07858835444, Email: FSOC member Lincolnshire


21st July 2019:  Ford 1172 special wanted. Any condition would be considered but must have V5 or unambiguous identity. Please contact RH Stansfield Tel 01522 704309, Email, non-member East Midlands

9th June 2019:  E83W wanted, preferably a flatbed, or a van that's too far gone to convert. I am looking for a total restoration / bag of bolts. Many thanks Richard Doel Email: Tel: 07552639037.  Non member Gloucestershire.