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The 100E Family of Fords

Ford 100E Anglia (1953 - 1959)


The 100E was Ford's first small car of unitary construction like its bigger sister the Consul. The Ford Anglia easily identified as a 2-door car compared with the 4-door Prefect. Literally years ahead of the 'Uprights', the 100E was also available in estate form known as either the Escort or Squire.


Ford 100E Prefect (1953 - 1959)

The four-door version of the two-door Anglia 100E but mechanically identical. The Prefect boasted different trim embellisments such as 'The Aeroplane' bonnet motif rather than the Anglia's 'Arrow'. Like the Anglia, the Prefect also boasted hydraulic brakes rather than the mechanical set-up fitted to the Uprights.

Ford Popular (1959 - 1962)

Another very successful strategy by Ford to provide the buying public with one of the cheapest cars on the market. Like its namesake forbear, this 'Popular' was also a cost-engineered Anglia and ran alongside the 105E Anglia.

107E OHV-engined Prefect (1959-1961)

Designed to fill a gap in the Ford range, by providing a 4 Door saloon to accompany to 2 door Ford Anglia 105E.  This stop-gap model offered a familiar looking, four-door car but using the much improved OHV engine and four-speed gearbox from the 105E Anglia. Now quite rare.


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